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What is the Cap City Philosophy?

Our primary focus is on player development. We will take a holistic approach to player development.  We believe in teaching more than just soccer as we will focus on the development of character, life skills, leadership, and the building of relationships that will positively affect each of us.  Our club atmosphere will be based on five pillars: people, plan, process, product, and player development. We believe that through great relationships, accountability, respect, resilience, leadership, and passion that we will create a great atmosphere for youth athletes to succeed, grow, and develop into exceptional people and quality players. 

See how your player can develop during their time at Cap City:
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What is your Curriculum?
Our total player development curriculum will focus on the individual and their growth on and off the field. Our staff will do multiple reviews throughout the season to encourage goal setting and a self-motivation to improve on a daily basis. Our teams will be based on our Multi-team/Multi-coach curriculum. Age groups will be paired with another team to foster the development across ages, genders, and to give our players the chance to connect with multiple coaches. We will also have youth development programs for 3-9 year olds that will encourage a positive and fun first experience with the game.

What is "Active Learning?"
Player, Parent, and Coach Education – We expect that all members of Cap City will show a strong desire for learning. We have partnered with Athlete Development Services, MSU Sports Medicine, Sport Psychologist and Professor Emeritus Dr. Marty Ewing, former professional athletes, and former professional coaches to help guide our players, parents, and coaches with their continued education. We will offer multiple opportunities each season through interactive informational sessions to help build our knowledge in youth sport and player development. All sessions will be included as a member of Cap City Athletic 1847.

How does your Yearly Schedule Work?
Yearly Team Plans and Periodization – Cap City will use proven research as a foundation for the development and planning of each team’s year, season, weekly, and daily plans. Our players will be given a schedule that will allow them to develop to their potential over the course of a full season. The amount of training and length of training sessions will follow guidelines laid out through research in youth sport. Players and families will be shown the proper times to rest, recover, and when to build up to maximum competitive levels. We will also encourage proper times for other sports and activities to help foster and develop the well rounded athlete.

What are the Player Fees and What is Included in Those Fees?
Cost – Our administrative staff did a thorough market analysis of greater Lansing as well as the various markets in Michigan for youth soccer. Our model will be based on a breakeven price point with allowances for future development. Our price point for each age group will be competitive, if not lower, than the current market.  All below programs are year round programs.

Pre Juniors (U7/U8) - $400
Juniors (U8/U9) - $500
U9: $850
U10: $1150
U11-U12: $1850
U13-U14: $2150
U15+: $1550 (MSPSP) and $1650 (NLC)

Where will Cap City Train and Play its Home Games?
All outdoor training and home games will take place at the East Lansing Soccer Complex.  Indoor training will take place at SoccerZone.  All futsal training and games will take place at local HS gyms.   

Who will Run Your Organization?
We believe that we will have quality and professional leadership through our board of directors, executive committee, and coaching staff.  Eric DeLonge, Dan Jury, and Stacy DeLonge will serve as our executive committee and will be responsible for all management aspects of Cap City Athletic 1847.  Eric DeLonge is our Director of Operations and will handle all day to day operations of Cap City Athletic 1847.  Dan Jury is our Director of Coaching and Player Development.  He will focus on all on field related items with our teams, players, and staff.  Stacy DeLonge is Director of Marketing and Social Media as well as our Director of Goalkeeping.  Our staff is dedicated to great customer service and a high level of communication.

Legal Form of Ownership?
“Cap City Athletic 1847” is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is incorporated in the state of Michigan.  As a non profit entity, there are no "owners" of Cap City Athletic 1847.  Cap City if overseen through it's board of directors and run by it's executive committee.  Cap City Athletic 1847 was founded by Eric DeLonge, Dan Jury, and Stacy DeLonge. They will serve as the Executive Committee and will report to a board of directors. There will be several sub committees to serve the needs of the organization.

How will Cap City Communicate to Families and Players?
Cap City will put out a bi-monthly newsletter and video updates. Members will receive daily and weekly communication from our administration and coaching staff via email, our website and/or social media feeds.  The Cap City website will be updated frequently with information, updates, news, and stories on staff, teams, players, parents, highlights, and player development moments of Cap City.

How will the Financial Management of the Club Work?
Cap City has a finance committee in place to oversee all account reviews, account collections, and financial filings. All customer financial management will be done online with the ability for statement review, online bill pay, and online player and family account management.

How and Where Do I Purchase Uniforms?
All uniforms and merchandise will be Nike products and will be ordered online through Team Gazelle. Team Gazelle will have their staff onsite at our registration nights (post tryouts) for sizing purposes and ordering assistance. All ordering will take place online directly through Team Gazelle. Team Gazelle will ship directly to your home.

Why Switch to Cap City? 
Structure - We are run by our executive committee and overseen by our board of directors.  We are a 501c3 non profit charitable organization focused on putting the priority and development of our players first.

People - Cap City has been formed with the idea that people are the most important component to our organization.  Our board of directors is made up of outstanding leaders through their experience and knowledge.  Our executive committee, who will manage all day to day operations, has a wealth of experience of club soccer management.  We have a desirable, respectable, professional staff made up of local people committed to building Lansing soccer.  Our staff is committed to connect with our players on a personal, and professional level to help them develop to the best of their abilities.  

Programming - Our primary focus will be on player development.  Our curriculum will include technical training, functional training, speed and strength training, nutrition education, leadership development, mental strength development, goal setting, social media education, baseline concussion testing, injury prevention, injury referral service, sport psychology referral service, college soccer guidance, college coach led training sessions, as well as opportunities for our coaches and parents to participate in active learning and continue their education.

Process - We are huge believers in the process of development.  We have a detail oriented focus and will not sacrifice development for results.  We believe that if you focus on the process of player development then you will create quality competent players who can play execute the game under pressure and will earn and deserve their results as a result.  This is  players game and we want them to be confident in themselves and their decisions on and off the field.  We have proven that our development philosophy will consistently produce results on the field and in producing high level quality players.  We will carry that over to every player, parent, team, and coach that participates in Cap City.  

Partnerships - We have partnered with exceptional people that will allow our players and families to have a positive unique holistic long term player development experience.

Cost of Participation and Online Payment System - Cap City will be structured to operate at a break even stand point with allowances towards future development.  All costs will be minimized with no overhead or markups for programs.  We will work with sponsors to lower the cost of participation.  Our player fees will be aimed at or below the market average even though we will offer more programming and opportunities that will be all inclusive.  All payments will be managed online and directly through our website to simplify all customer accounts.  Family accounts are available to manage multiple children under one account.  

Uniforms and Nike - All uniform ordering is done online through Team Gazelle and can be shipped directly to your home.  We are proud that all of our players will be wearing the Nike brand.  Nike offers unparalleled merchandise for our players and fans.

What are the Goals and Objectives of Cap City Athletic 1847?

·  Create a sustainable organization for youth athletes in Mid-Michigan.
·  Create a set of programs that will develop the complete youth athlete.
·  Develop a long term business plan that will encompass original thoughts into creating a unique experience for the youth athlete.


·  Hire professional, respectable, and desirable staff.
·  Establish teams that focus on quality over quantity.
·  Create unique sets of programs and services that will be executed with a high level of communication and leadership.
·  Complete a full club structure within 3 years.  (In year 1 we started with just under 200 players and 12 teams.  In year 6 we have over 500 players and have 34 teams).
·  Own and develop a club training ground/offices/meeting space within 5 years.  Set a standard within Lansing, the state of Michigan for training grounds and community interaction.  Make this a destination facility.

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