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2018/2019 Coaching Staff

Rob Ancliff  517-281-7333 [email protected]  
 Cap City 04 Boys Grey Assistant Coach 
 Cap City 05 Girls Grey Assistant Coach
Chris Betz  517-652-1423  [email protected]
 Cap City 00/01 Girls Head Coach
 Cap City 05 Boys Head Coach
Nick Binder  517-974-4209 [email protected] 
 Cap City Staff Coach - Team Trainer  
Eric DeLonge 517-281-3807  [email protected] 
 Cap City Director of Operations
 Cap City 02 Girls Grey Head Coach
 Cap City 04 Boys Grey Head Coach
 Cap City 08 Boys Grey Head Coach
 Cap City 08 Boys Blue Head Coach
Stacy DeLonge 517-974-9592  [email protected] 
 Cap City Goalkeeper Director
 Cap City 05 Girls Grey Head Coach
Jake Derby 517-881-1764 [email protected]
 Cap City 07 Boys Grey Head Coach  
Brooke Dippel 517-881-4405 [email protected] 
 Cap City Staff Coach  
Ethan Felsing 517-896-0673  [email protected]
 Cap City 00/01 Boys Head Coach
 Cap City Goalkeeper Coach
Bill Graham 517-652-1980 [email protected]
 Cap City Juniors Head Coach
 Cap City 06 Girls Blue Head Coach
Brooke Greybeck 720-271-8981[email protected]
 Cap City 07 Girls Grey Assistant Coach  
Brian Hamlin 517-896-9479 [email protected]
 Cap City 00/01 Boys Assistant Coach  
Isiah Handspike   
 Cap City GK Coach  
John Hill 517-575-8740 [email protected]
 Cap City 02 Girls Blue Head Coach
 Cap City 06 Boys Blue Head Coach
Dan Jury 517-230-8353 [email protected]
 Cap City Director of Coaching and Player Development
 Cap City 03 Girls Grey Head Coach
 Cap City 04 Girls Grey Head Coach
 Cap City 06 Girls Grey Head Coach
Kara Kelly  [email protected]
 Cap City Youth Director - Mini Kickers
 Cap City Youth Director - Kickers
Tricia Lamberti 231-330-0298 [email protected]
 Cap City 03 Girls Blue Assistant Coach  
Tara Leach
586-242-0348 [email protected]
 Cap City 05 Girls Blue Head Coach  
 Graham Lockwood 517-290-2877 [email protected]
 Cap City 02 Girls Grey Assistant Coach  
 Gordon Love 517-819-7622 [email protected]
 Cap City 08 Boys Grey Assistant Coach  
 Whitney Luks    
 Cap City 05 Girls Blue Assistant Coach    
 Shaun McCarthy 517-862-0403 [email protected]
 Cap City 09 Boys Grey Head Coach
 Cap City 06 Boys Grey Assistant Coach
 Lexi McPherson 517-512-9864 [email protected]
 Cap City 03 Girls Grey Assistant Coach
 Cap City 06 Girls Grey Assistant Coach
 Morgan McKerchie
[email protected]
 Cap City Juniors Head Coach  
 Katy Menosky 517-599-2048 [email protected]
 Cap City 09 Girls Assistant Coach  
 Bret Mollon   [email protected]
 Cap City Goalkeeper Coach  
Megan Norris (Murdoch) 517-285-8087 [email protected] 
 Cap City 07 Girls Grey DA Head Coach  
 Juan Ramirez 517-242-4899 [email protected]
 Cap City 09 Boys Assistant Coach
 Cap City 07 Boys Grey Assistant Coach
 Molly Luks (Salisbury) 517-242-6137 [email protected]
 Cap City 09 Girls Head Coach  
 Brent Sorg 517-204-2689  [email protected]
 Cap City Staff Coach  
Dani Stephan  
 Cap City 04 Girls Grey Assistant Coach  
 Noah Thelen 517-525-6049 [email protected] 
 Cap City Goalkeeper Coach  
 Kimberly Vuaghn 859-967-8310 [email protected]
 Cap City 03 Girls Blue Head Coach  
 Cale Wassermann   [email protected]
 Cap City 06 Boys Grey Head Coach  
 Darus Ward 313-949-4998
[email protected]
 Cap City 07 Girls Blue Head Coach  
 Jerome White 517-256-5099[email protected]
 Cap City 07 Boys Blue Head Coach  

Goalkeeper STAFF

Stacy DeLonge, GK Director
Bret Mollon
Isiah Handspike
Ethan Felsing
Trish Lamberti

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