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Cap City Athletic 1847 and the Greater Lansing Area Soccer Referee Association (GLASRA) have entered into a partnership aimed at improving the environment for young referees to grow and flourish. This program will be enacted within our 7v7 games played with in the Mid-Michigan Youth Soccer League. The program will feature three major points of emphasis.

  1. A Zero-Tolerance Policy Towards Referee Abuse
  2. Referee Mentorship
  3. Cap City Parent Education Program

Zero-Tolerance Policy

Spectators shall not address any member of the referee crew in a negative manner – physically, verbally or with gestures – before, during, or after a game. Spectators also shall not make any comments in an effort to “help” a referee make a call or suggest that a certain call should or should not be made. While complimentary comments to referees are certainly fine, a good rule of thumb for spectators is simply not to engage with the referees in any way during or after a game. Just keep quiet and let the referees do their job to the best of their ability.

This policy is not intended to suggest that referees are always correct. Clearly, referees will make mistakes. This is particularly true with respect to our youth referees who are learning how to officiate games and are sometimes asked to referee games at a higher level than they may be comfortable officiating. When mistakes are made, there are procedures for Cap City coaches to report concerns about the quality of the officiating. But it is never acceptable for a spectator to abuse or criticize a game official, verbally or otherwise, in any situation. A plea of ignorance to this policy shall not excuse behavior that violates this policy. It should be obvious to all those involved with youth sports that referee abuse of any type is not acceptable.

Anyone (including spectators and coaches) in breach of this policy will be removed from the sideline for the remainder of the match. Failure to leave the playing area in a timely manner could cause abandonment of the match.

Referee Mentorship Program

GLASRA will assign a 4th official/mentor to work all Cap City 7v7 matches, the cost of which will be split between GLASRA and Cap City. The 4th Official/Mentor will fulfill duties defined by US Soccer as well as mentor the referee crew in their pre-game duties, half-time discussions, and post-game debriefing. All coaches participating in the match agree to attempt to speak directly to the 4th Official when concerns arise about the center referee or assistant referees’ decisions/performance.

Parent Education Program

Cap City will expand its Parent Engagement program to include instruction on the more confusing and contentious laws of the game.

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